"You can never have too many bags" - Kelly and Reseda


What we Sell:

the messenger bag
The TwoStep Studio Messenger Bag is well constructed with style in mind.  You'll find everything from traditional to the unexpected.  We pride ourselves in combining patterns and colors you would not expect, yet draws you in. 

SIZE: 14" Wide, 12" High, 3" Deep, 36" Handles

the slouch bag
Our Slouch Bags give you everything you want - a large bag that holds everything with a style beyond compare.  The TwoStep Studio Slouch Bag offers looks that can fit anyone's style.  Whether you are attracted to color, patterns or texture, our Slouch Bag are for you.

SIZE: 21" Wide, 17" High, 23" Handles

the tote bag
Tote Bags are a dime a dozen, TwoStep Studio makes them into one-in-a million.  You'll find the perfect bag to use everyday - it holds your wallet, MP3 player, cell phone, lunch, and more.  Carry with you when you are out on the town and be proud to know you are carrying a one of a kind item.


the shopping bag
Help save the environment using your own shopping bag and do it with style.  TwoStep Studio offers a line of shopping bags in various sizes to meet any of your needs and as always a wide array of colors, patterns and textures. 






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